Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I play in more than one local qualifier?

Yes, however you can only earn one spot to your state or province bracket.

Do you have to be a resident of the state in which you play the Local Qualifying Bracket?


Can a Bracket TD play in the bracket they are directing?


*Please note: all brackets are created randomly using the UDisc application, so no advantage may be gained by the TD who is also playing.

Does the UDisc app randomize matches into bracket format or is every round randomized?

The UDisc app will randomize the 16 players into a bracket format one time at the beginning.

What if someone plays two separate brackets and wins them both?

If someone wins more than one bracket, they will qualify to move on ONLY from the first bracket they have won. The runner up in any additional brackets that have been won by the competitor will qualify to move to the next level. A player that has won a bracket may also forfeit any additional matches in other brackets as well.

How is 3rd place decided?

3rd place will be decided by a match between the losers from the Semifinal round.

Must I collect all participants entry fees prior to ordering the TD package?

No. However, TD packages must be paid for at the time of ordering. Our recommendation is that you collect entry fees first, however you are not required to do so.

What if there are only 4 or 8 players at the local qualifier level? State level?

If a full field of 16 cannot be made at any level, a smaller field may be used that still results in one champion from the bracket. Local Qualifying and/or State bracket TDs will work with Dynamic Discs ( on these specific cases for the best possible result.

You must have a full bracket of 8 teams for a doubles Local Qualifying Bracket.

Do I need to sanction my local Match Play with the PDGA?

Based on the fact that we are just looking at 8 head-to-head matches, followed by 4, then 2, and finally 1 match, PDGA sanctioning is not necessary.

Do I need to play all matches on the same course?

While we suggest playing them all on the same course to make it easier on the players, you can play on multiple courses.

Can multiple events be hosted in the same area?

If the area where you want to host a bracket is big enough to support more than one, we will more than likely approve multiple brackets.

How can I promote my Local Bracket?

Click here to visit the Singles TD info page. You will find a downloadable banner for Facebook or any other social media platform you would like to promote your event on.

How can I help with the State/Province Bracket?

State TDs information will continuously be updated on the website for individuals to volunteer or assist with state brackets. Feel free to contact your state’s TD to see if they need any help running the state bracket.

Can I compete on two doubles teams?
Yes, you must pay both of your entry fees in full. If your two teams happen to meet in a match, you must compete on both teams simultaneously.