Player Info – Women’s Doubles


Current PDGA member guidelines – Disc golfers rated 874 or below as of July 1, 2020. New members who do not have a current PDGA rating are eligible to compete.

Non-current PDGA members – Disc golfers who have never been rated 875 or above.

Non-PDGA members – Disc golfers who are not current PDGA members or are so new to the PDGA that they do not have a rating are eligible to play in the event.

Women rated 875-969 are eligible to compete in the non-gender specific doubles USAMPC that is also running from July to September. Click here for more info!


Local USAMPC doubles qualifier match play brackets will be held throughout the United States and Canada through July and August. A list of these events can be found on the UDisc app. Teams that meet the qualifications described above can pay $80 per team to compete in one of these brackets. Please contact the TD to get more information on local details. The Local Qualifying Bracket may be conducted over a few days or over the period of a few weeks. The Local Qualifying Bracket TD will determine the timing of when the brackets need to be played. The $80 per team entry fee is a one time cost. Teams will receive a Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Raider and Latitude 64 Opto Diamond in their team pack. If a team advances to the national qualifier, there are not additional entry fees. Winners of Local Qualifying Brackets will move on to the Championship Bracket in Emporia, Kansas (September 18-20, 2020).


Local Qualifying Brackets – July-August 2020

Championship Bracket in Emporia, Kansas – September 18-20, 2020


Bracket TDs will establish the locations for the Local Qualifying Bracket matches.

The Championship Bracket will be hosted in Emporia, Kansas.


Match play is an exciting way to compete as a disc golfer. Match play has grown in popularity and the unique format provides an opportunity for using a different strategy than what disc golfers typically employ playing traditional stroke play. The event also allows amateurs another opportunity to experience tournament disc golf at the highest level.


Click the Local Qualifying Bracket tab to find a Local Qualifying Bracket near you. Contact the TD and find out how you can get signed up. If you are interested in running a local qualifying bracket yourself, please click here.


Awards for Local Qualifying Bracket

1st Place – DyeMax Trophy Discs + $125 credit per team

2nd Place – DyeMax Junior Trophy Discs + $75 credit per team

3rd Place – DyeMax Trophy Mini Discs + $50 store credit per team

Visit UDisc for up-to-date bracket results from all over North America!

Awards for Championship Bracket in Emporia

1st Place – $2,000 credit per team

2nd Place – $1,000 credit per team

3rd Place – $500 credit per team

4th Place – $250 credit per team

Championship Weekend in Emporia

Thursday, September 17

12:00PM – 6:00PM
Check-in at the Dynamic Discs Retail Store (912 Commercial Street)


Friday, September 18

Noon – 2:00PM
Late Check-in at Peter Pan (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by practice basket/hole 1 tee box)

If a team does not check-in, they will not be included in the championship bracket.

Bracket Reveal at Peter Pan (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by practice basket/hole 1 tee box)

Player Meeting at Peter Pan (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by practice basket/hole 1 tee box)

First Round matches at Peter Pan (shotgun start)

7:30PM – 9:30PM
Player Reception at Radius Brewing (610 Merchant Street)
Free hors d’oeuvre and open bar for players and family.



Saturday, September 19

7:30AM – 8:30AM
Check-in for B-Tier (eliminated players will automatically be registered for this B-tier – meet at Hole 8 Jones East)

If you are traveling with someone who is not competing in match play, and who wants to play in the B-tier, they can register here.

Player Meeting for B-Tier (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by Jones East Hole 8 Basket)

B-Tier starts at Jones East Park (shotgun start)

Second Round matches at Jones West (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by Jones East Hole 8 Basket)

Second Round of B-Tier at Jones West Park (meet at Dynamic Discs RV by Jones East Hole 8 Basket)

Semi-Final Matches at Jones East Park (meet at Hole 8 Jones East)

Awards for Consolation B-Tier (Hole 8 at Jones East)


Sunday, September 20

Final and 3rd Place Matches at Jones East

Awards for 2020 United States Amateur Match Play Championships – Doubles at Jones East