Frequently Asked Questions

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General / Singles Questions:

What do I get for my $55 entry fee?

  • Dynamic Discs Prime Moonshine Culprit
  • Latitude 64 Gold Triple Burst Ballista Pro
  • Chance to win Dynamic Discs Vouchers if finishing in the top 2 positions
  • Free entry into the Championship Bracket if you win your Local Bracket
  • Of course, local competition, fun, and your first steps towards winning an 18-Hole Disc Golf Course! 

What can I win?

Local Qualifying Brackets

The top 2 players in a bracket win prizes, regardless of the size of the bracket.

(1st=$90, 2nd=$45, and each will receive a trophy disc.)

If you win your Local Bracket, you receive a free invitation to participate in the Championship Bracket held in Emporia, Kansas. In addition, upon arrival in Emporia, you will receive $200 in store credit to Dynamic Discs, just for making the trip! 

National Championships

The top 8 players from the Championship Bracket will receive the following:

1st wins 18 Dynamic Discs Veteran Baskets, 18 Tee Signs, and $1,000 in Dynamic Discs store credit. 

2nd wins 9 Dynamic Discs Veteran Baskets and 9 Tee Signs, and $1,000 in Dynamic Discs store credit.

3rd wins one portable Dynamic Discs Veteran Basket and $600 in Dynamic Discs store credit. 

4th wins one portable Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket and $300 in Dynamic Discs store credit.

5th – 8th win one portable Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket and $50 in Dynamic Discs store credit.

I was in the top 2 of my Local Bracket. How do I access my Dynamic Discs store credit earnings?

Starting in 2022, players who receive a Dynamic Discs Voucher for placing in the payout positions will now receive a physical voucher from the tournament director that will include a code for the value of their winnings. The value does not get placed into an account.

These vouchers must be used during one transaction. If there is a remaining balance, the unused balance will be lost. Example:  If you have a $45 voucher, but only use $30, the remaining $15 will be lost. Be sure to use it all when checking out!

What is the best way to manage/organize a month long bracket?

Brackets can be as casual or structured as you see fit. You can give the players the complete freedom to select the courses being played on, whatever date works the best for them, or you can structure the bracket with a set course, date, and time for the match to be completed.

We encourage selecting a deadline for when matches need to be completed to prevent one match from taking longer than expected. This will help avoiding other matches having to wait prolonged periods of time.

If you want a little freedom and structure, we recommend allowing the players to choose the course, date, and time, but if both players cannot decide, the default course, date, and time should be set before the competition week. We recommend having that structure in place before starting the registration process.

Can I play in more than one local qualifier?

Yes, however, you can only earn one spot to National Championship Bracket.

Do you have to be a resident of the state where you play the Local Qualifying Bracket?


How do I order my player’s packages for my local bracket?

Once your bracket has been submitted and approved, you will receive a confirmation email with all your details, including how to place an order for your player packages.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my tournament package?

As disc golf has grown rapidly over the last few years, so has our risk for audits. Moving forward, we do need to charge tax on all tournament-in-a-box packages. This includes USAMPC, Trilogy Challenge, Winter Marksman League, and Veterans for Vets. Laws require that unless a customer has a Tax Exempt Certificate / Number, we do need to charge sales tax on the tournament supplies that we ship out to TDs running these events.
If you do have a Tax Exempt Certificate / Number, please let us know and we will reverse the tax charges on your purchases.
To compensate for this new practice, we increased the USAMPC tournament director voucher from $45 to $100. This will soften the blow of paying tax on the discs, trophies, and other supplies. The option for TDs to purchase and resell the Special Edition Moonshine Hatchets should also help you make this added expense back.

How do I get access to the Limited-Edition Fundraiser Discs?

Any Local Bracket director can order the Limited-Edition Fundraiser discs. A Director can order 8 of the Limited-Edition Tournament Director discs. The Local Director can order the Limited-Edition Fundraisers via the order link sent with the event confirmation. A TD can sell the limited-edition discs anyway they choose. Proceeds from the sale of these discs do not have to be used towards the USAMPC local bracket.

I didn’t order my Limited-Edition Discs with my Initial Player’s Package Order. Can I still order them?

We highly encourage you to purchase all your requested Limited-Edition Discs when placing your player’s package order. Of course, you can order later, but you would be responsible for the shipping cost associated with the shipment.

By when do my local brackets have to be played and completed?

Local Qualifying Brackets must be completed based on the guidelines set forth by the Local Qualifying Bracket Director between March 15th through August 31st. All Local Qualifying Singles Brackets must be completed no later than August 31st, 2022.

Can a Bracket TD play in the bracket they are directing?


What if someone plays two separate brackets and wins them both?

If someone wins more than one bracket, they will qualify to move on ONLY from the first bracket they have won. The runner-up in any additional brackets that have been won by the competitor will qualify to move to the next level. A player who has won a bracket may also forfeit any additional matches in other brackets.

If a player has changed after registering, can they get a refund?

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS once a player has registered. Players that need to drop out must find a replacement player to get their money back from that player.

Do I need to sanction my local Match Play with the PDGA?

PDGA sanctioning is not necessary for USAMPC events.

Do I need to play all matches on the same course?

The Tournament Director has the final say on the courses used. They may use one course for all rounds or have players play on a different course for each round.

Can multiple events be hosted in the same area?

If the area where you want to host a bracket is big enough to support more than one bracket, we will more than likely approve multiple brackets.

How can I promote my Local Qualifying Bracket?

Click here to visit the Singles TD info page. You will find a downloadable banner for Facebook or any other social media platform you would like to promote your event.

What do I do when my bracket is ready to start? When will the discs be shipped to the TDs?

Once you are ready to start your bracket, regardless of how many players are in the bracket, follow the player’s package ordering link provided to you with your confirmation email provided by [email protected].

I won my local bracket but cannot attend the National Championship Bracket. What happens next?

If the winner of the local bracket is unable to participate, then the second-place player from that bracket will be offered the position.

Doubles Questions

What happens if my partner cannot play while still competing in an active bracket?

As per the PDGA Rules “If one team member is absent, late, or ceases play, the other team member may play, but no throws are made on behalf of the missing team member. A late team member may join play only between holes.”

When do the Local take place for USAMPC Doubles?

Local Bracket is hosted between June and October.

I have registered and am unable to compete, can I get a refund?

Refunds are not issued once a registration has been completed, even if the bracket has not started yet. The only exception is if someone is willing to take your place. That transaction would take place between the players. The affected players would need to notify the local director.

I have a question not listed in the FAQ, and I cannot find it on this page?

If you are not getting your question(s) answered or need guidance with the USAMPC, please email [email protected], and we will get your question answered as soon as possible. You might even have a good question that would make for a good FAQ!