Help 2020 USAMPC Champion, Elliot Zettas, give away his 18 Veteran Baskets

Elliot Zettas

After Elliot won the 2020 USAMPC Championship in Emporia, Kansas, he informed Dynamic Discs that he wanted to help grow the sport by giving away the 18 Veteran Baskets he had just won.

Contestants had a little over a month to create a Shark Tank style pitch and then present to Elliot why their disc golf community needs 18 Veteran baskets. After the amazing response and seeing everyone from pastors to cheerleaders to government officials, we want you to pick the winner from Elliot’s top 5 choices.

Here is how you can help Elliot select the winner:

Watch each video and read through their pitch.

Use the poll below to cast your vote.

Constantine Pappas

The majority of courses in our area are heavily wooded and can often be discouraging for beginners, casual groups, and families. The few courses that do offer a better experience are often overcrowded, especially during good weather. Our proposal is to create a course that will ensure the land and design is the right fit for beginners and casual players.

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Emily Fisch & Gateway Woods

Our campus houses 5 group homes for teenagers in the juvenile justice system. When our campus was closed to visitors due to COVID-19, we all needed more ways to unwind without leaving campus. Being able to get outside is healthy for the residents and staff – add in a simple sport (that can be enjoyed solo or in a group) and you’ve got the makings of therapy that can happen outside office walls and set schedules.

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Alan Hansen Begg

It’s 75 miles to the nearest course which only has 5 baskets and 18 tee pads. Sierra County is a poverty-stricken region of New Mexico with few options for exercise and recreation. However, residents from young to old are active and eager for an outdoor activity that is accessible to all. Our weather allows for year-round play. The golf course location is adjacent to Middle and High Schools. We just need disc golf.

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David Bellar

Blanchard serves a massive rural community with over 1,400 children ages 5-18. Unfortunately, Blanchard is a one red-light town of just over 3,000 individuals. There is very little to do in the town of Blanchard or the surrounding area, besides school and Church. Most of the adults commute 30 minutes to an hour for work. The closest disc golf course is 30 minutes away.

Bonus Video

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Brylan Anderson& Classmates

Our course will be right in the middle of 3 schools and a retirement community. The
course will be beginner friendly in hopes to attract students and senior community members
to the sport of disc golf. Along with being beginner friendly, we plan on putting in
professional tee pads for more advanced players that are looking for a challenge. Our course
provides a fun, new course for local disc golf players in the area.

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Cast your vote before November 30th, 2020. 

Dynamic Discs is not conducting this contest. Dynamic Discs is only using our platforms to bring awareness to assist Elliot Zettas’ Pitch for Pins Contest. If you have any questions about the contest, please check out the FAQ for contact information.